Who We Are

We began our adventure together when, upon meeting in 2010, we discovered a shared love for travel. For us, exploring the world is much more than pins on a map, mountains climbed, or seas sailed. After celebrating our marriage we decided to integrate our talents for research and photography to compile this blog containing advice, photos, fun anecdotes, and well researched articles on the people we meet and the cultures we encounter. We are looking to go beyond the tourist activities or sightseeing locations.

Photo Credit: Trail Guide

Travel is about discovering new experiences and a global perspective –  stepping outside your comfort zone from time to time and really digging into a foreign environment. The people, the wildlife, and the culture should be just as important as the quality of the beaches when selecting a destination. (Nothing against beaches, Roberto in fact prefers them to mountains as there is often less to climb). Can you visit a local market? Do you buy souvenirs made by local craftsman or are they from China? Are you eating local cuisine with locally sourced food? Don’t go to flying halfway around the world to sit on a beautiful beach only to eat at Denny’s that night. (To be clear, you shouldn’t even drive down the street to eat at Denny’s). We understand that it is not always practical to cover all the bases and we work within those limitations. We hope that through this blog we can inspire you to find your own adventure wherever you travel and impart some wisdom and experience from our own.

Photo Credit: Nicole

Nicole grew up in New Paltz, NY as one of five children. She loved animals, nature, and cooking from an early age and not much later discovered her passion for books. While pursuing her bachelors degree at the University of New Haven she studied abroad in London which awakened a new love for travel that became a necessary component of her life. Continuing her education she received her Masters degree in Information Science becoming a librarian and research specialist. Never one to back down from a challenge she will often teach herself any skill needed to complete a task. Her research skills, insatiable curiosity and love of adventure make her a highly skilled vacation planner. Until she inevitably deviates from that plan to lead her husband into riskier situations than were initially advertised to him. She enjoys being a thorn in the side of insurance brokers everywhere.

Photo Credit: Nancy Farese

Roberto received his bachelors degree from Marist College, shortly after which he completely abandoned his field of study to pursue his passion for photography. Now with over 10 years experience behind the lens and a lifelong passion for travel instilled in him by his travel addicted father he loves exploring the world with his camera in hand, telling the stories of the people he meets and cultures he encounters. (That bachelors degree is currently doing an excellent job gathering dust in a drawer). He is often the calm voice of reason on expeditions – that voice can be heard panting while sweating profusely, roughly half a mile behind Nicole.