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Color and Beauty: Barbados

Feast for the eyes.

There is a lot to love on a Caribbean island, but for me, the most profound impressions stepping off the plane are the colors. When you head south from New York in December-April, you leave behind a land that is rather grayish-brown. Arrival in Barbados can be shocking to the eyes, instantly you are surrounded by a multitude of brightly colored flowers and green trees. The stark difference to New York is also felt in the warm breeze and smells, and with all this combined, not even passport control can dampen the joy that you feel on arrival.

The flowers and colors line the streets, and fill the planters outside homes and businesses. You can find the most beautiful flowers growing through cracks on the sidewalk or on the edge of the beach. If the flowers just around town are not enough, you can also visit a multitude of botanical gardens that are all over the island. Please enjoy this little gallery of color and beauty that we brought back home with us. It is great for those gray and rainy days.

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1 comment on “Color and Beauty: Barbados

  1. How beautiful I can’t wait till we can see some of those colors here it’s good to remember what they look like


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